Monday, November 17, 2008

Have I Become My Mother!

I have opened my third shop on etsy, It has just one single solitary item in it right now. This shop will carry bags, specifically updated tote bags. Instead of those old straps, I am using wood and bamboo handles, possibly some lucite as well. The fabrics are all high end quilting fabrics. The outside of the bags are machine quilted, lined with pockets on the inside and all seams are doublestitched. The bags are even reversible. So why I am asking if I have become my mother?

When deciding on the handles, I was trying to figure out how could you wash the bag. That's the question my mother would want to know and would not purchase if it was not practical. I made the handles so they can button on and off. That was my solution.

But I find myself asking more and more, where would I wear that, do I really need that, etc. etc. and now I know that I am a little like my mother and that is not a bad quality either!

Here's to my mom - a really terrific person and a fabulous hand quilter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Make Lemonade Out Of Lemons

Make Lemonade out of Lemons - How often have you heard that saying? I can't count the number of times in my life and I guess it pertains to many of the craft shows I have been attending. Whatever the reason, I decided to put a positive light on these shows.

The Mini Fair was pretty much a bust sales wise. Sometimes you would be there all day and sell nothing and upon ocassion, there would be a few sales. However, I spent time with another crafter who I hardly ever get a chance to see, Nina of I figured out several different displays for my items. Met other crafters as well. Was outside in the fresh air and sunshine and actually got a tan for the first time in my life!

I feel that my shop is skewed towards an older demographic and want to jazz it up so it is more appealing to a younger crowd as well. At a show recently in LA, this was the case and some younger customers gave me some great ideas. I decided that this was an inexpensive focus group.

On the other hand, I attended The Traveling Boutique at the Santa Paula Inn on Sunday, November 9. The entry fee was very small and the owner of the Inn, Donna, advertised, was a very gracious hostess and the show was awesome. Basically everyone came within the first couple of hours and then it was slow. I met some wonderful new artisans, discovered an inn I had no idea existed and had great sales. No lemons here!

But it's the luck of the draw. I wouldn't trade any of these experiences but I may do things differently next year.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election

Yesterday, November 4, we, the citizens of the United States, voted for change and doing away with eight years of Republican rule by George Bush. To be honest, I voted for Mr. Bush for his first term and didn't vote for either in the second term. Kerry was never an option for me and there was no one else. I am greatly relieved there were no voting challenges, no Supreme Court decisions, etc.

President elect Obama concerns me because he is far more liberal than I am. Add in Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and I am even a little scared. However, I do want change but I also want a balanced budget and our troops realistically out of Iraq. I don't know if the hunt for Bin Laden is even worth it anymore. We need to be vigilant though. I do think doing away with the poppy fields in Afghanistan is a worthy cause because so much of it ends up in this country. I want CEO's to stop bringing home gazillions at the expense of workers and consumers and this has gone on for many years before Bush took office. I also like the T Boone Picken's plan for energy efficiency and doing away with the majority of our imported oil. Something has to be done with health care.

I think one of my biggest disappointments from the federal government is the lack of oversight of departments who are there to protect us, i.e. EPA, SEC, FAA, FEMA, etc. etc. What a disgusting, disreputable disaster for all of these departments. Yet they vow to clean it up and nothing ever happens. Fraud and greed are so rampant that I wonder if anyone at that level is honest.

To the citizens of California who voted in favor of Prop 8, may I ask why? Why is it wrong to marry for love. I am very, very disappointed that it did pass. It will end up in the Supreme Court and be overturned. The same rights for one and all except convicted felons.

Here's to President-elect Obama - I am sorry that you are inheriting a mess. I believe that if anyone can straighten this mess out, perhaps it is you afterall.

God bless you and your family.