Friday, January 30, 2009

Is It All Worth It?

Lately I have been doing lots of thinking - trying to decide if my Etsy businesses are really worth it. Most of my money is made during the winter holidays through the marketing of Christmas tree skirts. I could still do that and having an Etsy presence would not make a difference. I think having a website somewhere does make the difference.

I have three stores, AnnieKDesigns - home decor; CodysCloset - dog items and AnnieKClothing - fashions - mostly accessories. I am happy with the stores and having one store with all these items would be very disjointed. I am trying to expand my line by having lower priced items as well. Maybe I need to realize that I cannot be everything to everyone.

I belong to three teams on Etsy as well and am an active member in each. These teams assist my marketing, sales, etc. The time is well spent. I am significantly scaling back the time I spend on the forums though.

I find that in order to keep my shops full, I pretty much have to sew 4-5 weeknights, 3-4 hours per night and at least one full weekend day. I work a full time job and have two dogs and all the normal household chores. This leaves very little time for anything personal. Last year I had to decide if I wanted to sew or if I wanted to have fun. Therein lies the issue. I haven't found the right balance.

I am cutting back my sewing and trying to go out more and do things. The dogs take an enormous amount of time as they require lots of play time. Copper is still very much a puppy and has to be watched constantly. He still loves to toilet paper the house. Can't wait until that phase is overwith. Studying for my real estate license is also taking lots of time. I also find that the more I study, the more questions I have for my bosses.

As January folds into February, I have decided that yes, Etsy is worth it. Maybe not financially but through the friendship, business advice and fun. I would be lost without the friends I have made.