Monday, November 17, 2008

Have I Become My Mother!

I have opened my third shop on etsy, It has just one single solitary item in it right now. This shop will carry bags, specifically updated tote bags. Instead of those old straps, I am using wood and bamboo handles, possibly some lucite as well. The fabrics are all high end quilting fabrics. The outside of the bags are machine quilted, lined with pockets on the inside and all seams are doublestitched. The bags are even reversible. So why I am asking if I have become my mother?

When deciding on the handles, I was trying to figure out how could you wash the bag. That's the question my mother would want to know and would not purchase if it was not practical. I made the handles so they can button on and off. That was my solution.

But I find myself asking more and more, where would I wear that, do I really need that, etc. etc. and now I know that I am a little like my mother and that is not a bad quality either!

Here's to my mom - a really terrific person and a fabulous hand quilter.


Tresijas said...

How did I miss this exciting fact! I am excited to see this shop grow!

AlliesAdornments said...

You go girl!