Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Kick in the Pants!

Recently a couple of CCCOE team members were posting about the number of items in shops, featured sellers, etc. They were mentioning how important it is to have your shop(s) fully stocked with as many items as possible. That seems basic enough. Discussion included having about 100 items. WOW! That's a lot and I don't know if I could ever do that.

The more I thought about it, I realized it was very important. With 3 shops, it will be difficult for me to have 100 items each. Within that context, my current goal is 35 in each and then 50 each. After that point, we shall see. Craft shows are upcoming so I will definitely need inventory. Lord knows I certainly have enough fabric and supplies.

I also need to stay focused. I keep saying I am going to do this and do that. Well I better get to it.

So I am on a mission to get my shops there and the sooner the better. So thanks for the kick in the pants. Who knows, maybe I will have an item in a gift guide and even be a featured seller. One can always dream.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What is your biggest fear?

I have often thought that my biggest fear would be to die alone, without the love of that special someone. This stemmed from the death of my first husband and the fact that I felt very, very alone for a long time. While I am still hunting for that special someone, I have friends and family so I will never be truly alone. Of course I have Cody and Copper too!

Recently there was a tragedy where an Etsy member's son died due to the result of a car accident. This little boy, Zachary, was 5 years old. Zachary's aunt is a team member of mine on both the Beagles and CCCOE teams. I do not personally know PineBlossoms.

As word spread through Etsy, many sellers decided to offer the proceeds from sales of their items to help defray the funeral expenses. A website was also established for monetary donations through paypal. Etsy has shut down the thread where items were posted but they are on the Beagle team blog and here is the link: If you are interested in making a donation directly through paypal, here is the link: I encourage you to look at the pictures of what a cute boy! The picture of him playing baseball is simply adorable!

I cannot imagine what or how the family is feeling; how they are coping. Many comments in the various threads mentioned that a parents biggest fear would be to lose a child. If I could waive a magic wand, no parent would EVER have to face this again. I wish it were that easy.

It made me think again of what is my biggest fear?

Monday, March 2, 2009

A labor of love!

I really enjoy working on the gift guide. The real work is done by Wrenay of as she puts together all the web stuff that I really don't understand. She also reconfigured the design from the holiday guide to give more exposure with 6 items instead of 2 or 3. Wendy of trades with Wren on curating the gorgeous front pages. Susan of is running the giveaway. Robyn of writes the press releases. May of deals with the chatterbox details and the spotlight segments. Marie of helps me with the press releases by researching advertising venues. There are a hundred things I left out of the above too.

All ideas are tossed around and around in weekly meetings. Numerous emails are also sent throughtout the wees. In writing this, it sounds very easy. I can assure you it takes an enormous commitment from everyone and it is a team that pulls it all together.

Please continue to promote and don't forget to
sign up for the free giveaway. A new item is given away each week so don't forget to come back each week.