Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Kick in the Pants!

Recently a couple of CCCOE team members were posting about the number of items in shops, featured sellers, etc. They were mentioning how important it is to have your shop(s) fully stocked with as many items as possible. That seems basic enough. Discussion included having about 100 items. WOW! That's a lot and I don't know if I could ever do that.

The more I thought about it, I realized it was very important. With 3 shops, it will be difficult for me to have 100 items each. Within that context, my current goal is 35 in each and then 50 each. After that point, we shall see. Craft shows are upcoming so I will definitely need inventory. Lord knows I certainly have enough fabric and supplies.

I also need to stay focused. I keep saying I am going to do this and do that. Well I better get to it.

So I am on a mission to get my shops there and the sooner the better. So thanks for the kick in the pants. Who knows, maybe I will have an item in a gift guide and even be a featured seller. One can always dream.


Mystic Silks said...

I hope you do become featured in the gift guide on etsy.--:)
Your dogs are beautiful!

PacificParadiseSoap said...

Believe in the power of your dreams!

palleikodesigns said...

I don't know about a hundred... quantity is NOT a reflection of quality. The discerning customer will know that and purchase whether you have a lot of items or a few.