Monday, March 2, 2009

A labor of love!

I really enjoy working on the gift guide. The real work is done by Wrenay of as she puts together all the web stuff that I really don't understand. She also reconfigured the design from the holiday guide to give more exposure with 6 items instead of 2 or 3. Wendy of trades with Wren on curating the gorgeous front pages. Susan of is running the giveaway. Robyn of writes the press releases. May of deals with the chatterbox details and the spotlight segments. Marie of helps me with the press releases by researching advertising venues. There are a hundred things I left out of the above too.

All ideas are tossed around and around in weekly meetings. Numerous emails are also sent throughtout the wees. In writing this, it sounds very easy. I can assure you it takes an enormous commitment from everyone and it is a team that pulls it all together.

Please continue to promote and don't forget to
sign up for the free giveaway. A new item is given away each week so don't forget to come back each week.


QuirkynBerkeley said...

I love your blog and really appreciate the commitment you all make to the CCCOE. I know it's a labor of love.


wzgirl said...

Thanks for the props, ak. It is a labor of love & you can see that reflected! xo

AlliesAdornments said...

Thanks Annie! I appreciate all of the work that you do for the group. I saw your picture in the dictionary under "team player." You rock!

ohmay said...

...Annie, like Wendy said, thanks for the props. You and Wrenay are the life of the GG. Kudos to you, Wrenay and the rest of the team.