Monday, May 18, 2009

What does your jewelry say about you? Fun?

There are thousands of jewelry shops on Etsy and there are almost 1,000,000 pieces of jewelry for sale! I am fortunate that I belong to several teams with fabulous jewelry artisans. There will be several blogs about jewelry because there are many types and that many sellers I would like to showcase.

First and foremost, Kim of Kim is an amazing metalsmith. Her jewelry is elegant, very well crafted, simple and organic. She has stacker necklaces that are so cool.

They come in many different colors have great names such as life savers, Lil bit of sunshine and purple rain to name a few.

One of her latest is a custom Family bracelet. I am waiting for the K9 version featuring me, one large dog and one medium dog! I can't wait. is another shop which is a combination of beaded jewelry and a little destash. The Red Brick Gallery on Main Street in downtown Ventura also showcases Kim's fun, funky and really cool jewelry.
Also check out the for more great shops.

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VQ kim said...

thanks so much, annie. you are too kind. xoxox :o)