Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vote for Cody!

I have had Cody for over 5 years and I am his third owner. He's a lab/weimaraner mix and he's a great dog! He is very smart, sometimes too smart; retired working dog and now he is trying to train Copper, a black and white springer, how to behave.

I grew up with labs so I was familiar with their behaviors. However I was not ready for the weimaraner. I did a lot of reading and Cody has many characteristics and you can see his dual personalities. He is energetic, wants to go, go, go. Prefers to sniff the beach, dog park, wherever for at least an hour before he will play or hang out. Cody has far too many qualities and stories for me to include here and I don't want to bore anyone.

I recently joined the Pets Jubilee Team on Etsy and we are having a Pet Talent Contest. Of course Cody is entered! He is contestant number 5. Please vote for Cody by leaving a message on the Pets Jubilee Blog under his video. If you want to vote anonymously, you must leave some type of name or store name, etc.

Here's the link and thanks for voting. You can vote every day too!

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