Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2 and taking first step towards resolutions

Yesterday I posted about my goals for 2010. Some of them involve my Etsy shops and others are health and personal priorities.

One of my goals is to get out more. I spoke with my friend Jackie and we agreed to get together one or twice a month. These outings would NOT revolve around food. They would involve movies, bowling, shopping or some other fun we can find and definitely NOT the bar scene.

Today I went back to being a blond. Not platinum or anything just highlights. I know the hair dresser from the Traveling Boutique and loved how she did another friend's hair. Wendy did a fabulous job and I had a lot fun while there.

She mentioned that she and her single friends go out for karaoke about once a month and invited me to join her them. I sing horribly but I said I would love to go. I can't wait and will report the details.

I have been watching Julie and Julia. While I may not be blogging about cooking with Julia Child, blogging about my successes, distractions, etc. may help vent and carry me through more difficult times. Comments also help.


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